Users can be allocated any software license currently offered by EMOTIV. These are:

  • PRO


  • BrainViz

API and Dev licenses are not currently available under Organization Licensing

We do not allow Owners or Admins to allocate any of the free EMOTIV products (BCI, PRO Lite, or a BrainViz trial). If a user in your Organization would like to use any free products they are able to allocate these licenses themselves, and they can use the same EmotivID to do so.

Any non-PRO recordings taken with an EmotivID which has been allocated an “Admin” or “User” role will not be synced with their respective PRO recording library. This is different to usual behavior, but is a limitation based on the fact that this EmotivID is not the owner of the allocated license; the license belongs to the user with the “Owner” role in the Organization.

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