Data Packets

Data Packets can be found in the menu on the left-hand side of the EmotivPRO screen.

Data Packets shows you the number of data packets that are successfully transferred from your headset’s sensors to your computer and how many are dropped.

Gray sawtooth line(s) show a repeating one-second cycle of the data collected from your headset, at either 128 Hz or 256 Hz. The samples are drawn over time, depending on your headset’s frequency rate. Evenly spaced sawtooth lines represent good data collection. Unevenly spaced sawtooth lines represent significant packet loss.

Pink vertical lines mark the times when data packets are dropped. The numbers under the pink lines indicate the number of data packets lost.

Data packet loss

If you are experiencing a high degree of packet loss:

  • Try using a USB extender to connect your headset’s dongle to your computer. Doing this can reduce interference from your computer’s power supply. Keep the dongle at your line of sight and keep it away from other electronics (such as TVs, phones, routers), if possible.

  • If you’re connecting your headset to your computer via Bluetooth, try reducing the number of other Bluetooth devices connected to your computer.

  • If you’re using EPOC+ or EPOC X, you can try reducing the frequency rate of your headset.

  • If you’re using EPOC+ or EPOC X and you're losing data, try turning motion data off.

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