In addition to EDF Files, EmotivPRO also supports EEG and motion data export in EDF+ (European Data Format)/ BDF+ (Biosemi Data Format) files. These formats are widely used and compatible with various EEG analysis programs.

EDF+ and BDF+ Files: Both EDF+ and BDF+ files follow a similar structure, consisting of header information followed by data samples. Each row in the data file corresponds to a time slice of data, with successive rows representing successive time slices. Columns in the data file correspond to sensor locations or other information tags.

Storage of EEG and Motion Data: One advantage of EDF+ and BDF+ formats over EDF is their flexibility in data organization, these formats allow for both types of data to be stored within the same file. By labeling channels appropriately, EEG, motion, and other types of data can coexist within a single EDF+ or BDF+ file, facilitating efficient storage and analysis of multiple data streams simultaneously.

For list of please refer to the EDF format page

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