Important notes on Organization Licensing

  • The Organization Licensing feature is fully included in your EMOTIV subscription. Learn more about setting up an Organization.
  • You cannot join an Organization team with an existing EmotivID.
    • If you are an Owner and one of your colleagues already has an EmotivID, they will be prompted to create a new one when you first invite them to your Organization.
    • If you want to be invited to join an Organization team and you already have an EmotivID, you will be prompted to create a new EmotivID once you receive the initiation from the Owner of your Organization team.
    • You can only create one EmotivID per email address. This is due to data integrity, privacy, and compliance requirements which are outside of our control.
  • API and Dev licenses cannot currently be allocated in Organization Licensing.
  • Any non-PRO recordings taken with an EmotivID which has been allocated an “Admin” or “User” role will not be synced with their respective PRO recording library. This is different to usual behavior, and is a limitation based on the fact that this EmotivID is not the owner of the allocated license; the license belongs to the user with the “Owner” role in the Organization (as they are the only role which can purchase new licenses, and therefore the license belongs to that EmotivID). To access non-PRO recordings, a recording should be exported by the “Owner” and shared manually with the person who recorded it.
  • PRO seat allocation is counted on a device-basis, not EmotivID-basis. If one user with one EmotivID logs into a software product on two separate devices (for example, logging into PRO on Tablet and then Desktop), then this will occupy 2 (two) license seats. In order to reset the number of seats in your license, please contact EMOTIV Support team by filling out our Support form and requesting a license seat reset.