Important notes on Organization Licensing

The Organization Licensing feature is fully included in your paid EMOTIV subscription. Learn more about setting up an Organization.

Joining an Organization

User Roles: PRO license holders can designate the following roles within their organization:

  • Owner : Assigned to user who has purchased the PRO license

  • Admin: Users invited by owners to be part of the organization

  • User : Users invited by owners or Admins to be part of the organization

Learn more about assigning license.

Invitation: Owner can invite users to join the organization:

  • If you already have an EmotivID, then you can join using your existing account

  • For new users, once you accept the invite you will be directed to create a new account

  • Note: Only one EmotivID can be created per email address due to data integrity, privacy, and compliance requirements.

Device-Based Allocation: PRO seat allocation is counted per device, not per EmotivID.

  • Example: If a user logs into the software on two devices (e.g., Tablet and Desktop), it will occupy two license seats.

  • : To adjust the number of seats in your license, contact the EMOTIV Support team by filling out the Support form and requesting a license seat reset.

Organization Data Sharing: The Organization licensing feature also enables closer collaboration with authorized members of the PRO account by enabling sharing of data within the organization. Learn more about Organisation data access.

Organization License Limitations

  • API and Developer Licenses Limitation: API and Developer licenses cannot be allocated within Organization Licensing.

  • Recording access limitation:

    • : Recordings created by users with “Admin” or “User” role using any other EMOTIV software (i.e. BCI, Labs), will not be synced to their PRO Recording list.

    • : Recordings created with Organization license are not currently shared to analyzer.

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