Exporting D-Lab settings from EmotivPRO

This functionality will help you to export channel list configurations, default ports and server names for specific data stream and EMOTIV headset combinations.

N.B.: You do not need to connect to a headset in order to export D-Lab settings, unless you’re exporting settings for an EPOC Flex. This is because the data stream outputs depend on the applied sensor mapping. If you're exporting settings for an EPOC Flex, please connect your headset (with a preconfigured sensor mapping) to your computer before starting this process.

  1. Open EmotivPRO and go to Settings.

  2. Click on “D-Lab Client”.

  3. Click on “Export D-Lab Settings”.

  4. Select the data streams that you want to stream. N.B.: The “Performance Metrics” data stream will be disabled if your EPOC Flex has a sensor mapping which is not an EPOC X simulation.

  5. Select the headset that you want to use for these particular settings. N.B.: The EPOC Flex option will be available if you started this process with your EPOC Flex connected to your computer.

  6. Select your destination folder, and then click “Export”. N.B.: The data stream and headset selection will be saved locally when you click “Export”, and the selection will be loaded for the next use.

The configuration file will contain the following information:

  • The filename is composed of “Headset type”-”Data stream type”.xml. For example: EPOCPLUS-CQ.xml, INSIGHT-EEG.xml, MN8-EQ.xml, etc

  • The name of the server is similar to the filename (excluding the file extension)

  • The default port for each data stream depends on data stream type (these can be changed after loading the configuration file to the D-Lab software):

    • 9000 for EEG;

    • 9001 for Motion;

    • 9002 for Contact Quality (CQ);

    • 9003 for EEG Quality (EQ);

    • 9004 for Performance Metrics (PM)

  • The default separator is “Tab”, and NewLine is “Enter” (these are also fixed configurations for a data stream from D-Lab client on EmotivPRO)

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