Lab Streaming Layer (LSL)
Notes on the data
EmotivPRO home screen and menu
When you log in to EmotivPRO, the home screen displays a list of all your previous recordings (if you have any).
You can access the different views in EmotivPRO using the menu on the left-side of the screen. The menu is always visible on high resolutions screens. If you’re using a low resolution screen, you can access the menu by clicking on the menu icon at the top-left corner of EmotivPRO.
‌The menu includes the following features:
  • Raw EEG: view a real time or recorded data stream from your headset’s sensors (14 for EPOC, EPOC+ and EPOC X; 5 for Insight and up to 32 for EPOC Flex, depending on your configuration).
  • FFT/Band Power: perform a frequency analysis on single channel EEG data in real time or on recorded data.
  • Performance Metrics: view real time or recorded performance metrics for six cognitive states: Stress, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, Focus and Relaxation.
  • Motion Sensors: view a real time or recorded data stream from your headset’s digital motion sensors, with 7-channel quaternions and accelerometer data.*
  • Data packets: view a real time or recorded data stream of packet loss and captured from your headset to your PC
*Older firmware versions of EPOC+ (Firmware version< 633) motion data will be presented as 9-channels.
EmotivPRO menu
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