Baseline recording

EmotivPRO gives you the option to take a baseline recording at the start of each recording session. A baseline recording is a short recording of the subject with their eyes open and with their eyes closed. This standardized recording provides a way to make comparisons across recordings from different people or across the same people on different days. Additionally, these recordings are stored by EMOTIV and may one day be used to provide insights into brain aging or other basic science.‌

To enable baseline recording, select Include baseline in the Start Recording window. Baseline recording is automatically set to 30 seconds in duration.

Baseline protocol

Once you click on Start Recording, the baseline protocol will start. The baseline protocol involves six different states:

  1. 3 seconds preparation time, with countdown.

  2. 15 seconds eyes open recording, with countdown.

  3. 2 seconds completion screen.

  4. 3 seconds preparation time, with countdown.

  5. 15 seconds eyes closed recording, with countdown.

  6. 2 seconds completion screen.

At the beginning and end of the eyes open and eyes closed phases, you will hear an audio cue.

Once baseline recording is complete, your EEG data recording starts immediately.

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