Using EmotivPRO offline

Once you have logged in to EmotivPRO for the first time, you can use all of its features while offline. However, when you are using EmotivPRO offline, your data will not sync to EMOTIV Cloud, nor will it sync to other devices on your account.

Soft limit

When you reach the end of your monthly subscription cycle, EmotivPRO checks your subscription status to ensure that you have paid the monthly subscription fee and reauthorizes your license.

If you do not pay the monthly subscription fee on the due date, you have seven days in which to pay. You can still access and use EmotivPRO during the seven-day grace period.

EmotivPRO will notify you that the monthly subscription fee is due and how many days remain in the seven-day grace period before you lose access.

Hard limit

If you do not connect to the internet before your grace period expires (7 days) you will no longer be able to use the app for taking new recordings or to stream data. In order to continue using the app you will need to connect to the internet while launching the app. A message will appear on timeline UI to notify about the start of Hard limit. Please plan accordingly.

Note: You can still playback, delete and export your previously taken recordings when you have reached your hard limit or when your license has expired.

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