About D-Lab Client

The D-Lab Client allows you to stream output from EmotivPRO to the D-Lab software. You can select an individual data stream for the same or different destination IP address. You can also export D-Lab settings for Network Data Stream on D-Lab software.

Main features:

  • Enables you to send EmotivPRO data stream(s) to D-Lab software

  • There are 5 supported data streams: EEG, Motion, Contact Quality, EEG Quality, and Performance Metrics

  • Has the ability to send multiple data streams simultaneously

  • Provides an interface for easy configuration

  • Allows you to export configuration corresponding to stream type and headset type which can be imported into D-Lab easily


  • An active D-Lab license in order to use the D-Lab software

  • EmotivPRO with a Team license to enable the D-Lab Client feature

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows

  • MacOS (N.B.: While EmotivPRO does work on MacOS, D-Lab only works on Windows machines)

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