Starting a Network Data Stream

Before establishing a TCP connection between EmotivPRO and D-Lab, you need to create a “Network Data Stream” on D-Lab software, and set up the configuration for the data channel list and IP address and port of the TCP server.

  1. Open D-Lab software.

  2. Click on “Plan”.

  3. Click on “Recording Devices”.

  4. Click on the blue plus symbol next to Network Data Stream to update the configuration.

  5. Load a D-Lab settings file which was exported from EmotivPRO. N.B.: You might need to change the port number here to make sure that there is a unique port number for the data stream. The port number range is from 1-65535.

  6. Click “OK” to create a TCP server.

  7. Select the desired data streams.

  8. Open EmotivPRO and go to Settings.

  9. Click on “D-Lab Client”.

  10. Click “Start”. You will now see the “Connected” status, which means you have a successful connection. N.B.: After clicking "Start", the IP address and port of the selected data stream will be saved locally, and the selection will be loaded for the next use.

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