EmotivPRO v3.0
Lab Streaming Layer (LSL)
Notes on the data
JSON files
If your recording contains keystroke markers, a JSON file will also be exported. This JSON file contains the descriptions of the keystroke markers used and their corresponding values in the EDF and CSV files.
A Baseline JSON file is created when baseline recording is enabled. The baseline markers and their corresponding values are:
  • Eyes Opened Start : 1
  • Eyes Opened End: 2
  • Eyes Closed Start: 3
  • Eyes Closed End: 4
In case of EPOC Flex, a separate JSON file is created that outputs the mapping for channel names and sensor positions for the selected session. For e.g.:
"CMS": "Afz",
"DRL": "FCz",
"LA": "C3",
"LB": "T7",
"LC": "FC1",
"LD": "FC5",
"LE": "FT9",
"LF": "F3",
"LG": "F7",
"LH": "Fp1",
"LJ": "Pz",
"LK": "Cz",
"LL": "O1",
"LM": "TP9",
"LN": "P3",
"LO": "P7",
"LP": "CP1",
"LQ": "CP5",
"RA": "C4",
"RB": "T8",
"RC": "FC2",
"RD": "FC6",
"RE": "FT10",
"RF": "F4",
"RG": "F8",
"RH": "Fp2",
"RJ": "Oz",
"RK": "Fz",
"RL": "O2",
"RM": "TP10",
"RN": "P4",
"RO": "P8",
"RP": "CP2",
"RQ": "CP6"
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