Playing an EEG data recording

To play an EEG data recording:

  1. Open the Recordings view in EmotivPRO. You will see a list of your saved EEG data recordings.

  2. Find the EEG data recording you want to play from the recordings list.

  3. Click on the EEG data recording you want to play.

  4. The EEG data recording will start playing automatically.

  5. To move to a particular time point in the recording, move the scrubber (the pink circle) left or right along the timeline. The time point of the scrubber is shown next to the recording duration at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

  6. While a recording is playing you can pause it at any time.

You can play a recording for all data views — Raw EEG, Performance Metrics, Motion Sensors, Data Packets and FFT/Band Power — at 1x speed.

Recording timeline

When a recording is playing, you will see the recording timeline along the bottom of the screen.

At the top of the screen you will see information about your recording—name of the recording, date it was recorded, time, and headset used (including contact quality scoring).

Timeline markers

If you added markers to a recording, icons for the markers are placed on the recording timeline.

The markers include:

  • Pink lines - serial port markers

  • Blue lines - keystroke markers

  • Gray lines - USB markers

At the time of a marked event, you will also see vertical lines in the data stream. The vertical lines are shown in Raw EEG, Performance Metrics, and Motion Sensors streams.

Baseline recording playback

When playing an EEG data recording, the baseline recording in the data stream—15 seconds for eyes closed and 15 seconds for eyes open— is shown in the shaded area.

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