Adding and editing subjects

What are subjects?

Subjects are the participants taking part in your experiment.

Adding new subjects to an experiment

To add a new subject (participant) to an experiment, click on the + button at the top right-hand corner of the Subjects screen.

When adding a new participant, you can include the following information about them:

  • Subject ID — their name;

  • Year born;

  • Gender;

  • Languages;

  • Musical skills;

  • Education;

  • Occupation;

  • Handedness;

  • Country of residence;

  • Country of major cultural influence; and

  • Do you meditate?

Once you’ve completed all the participant’s information, click on Create and they will be added to the Subjects library.

Participants can only be added to experiments published to LABS Local (privately).

Editing subjects

You can edit, duplicate or delete a participant saved in the subjects library. To do this, hold your mouse over the participant you want to edit. This will then highlight the edit, duplicate, and delete options.

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