What is EmotivPRO Builder?

EmotivPRO Builder (Builder) is an online neuroscience experiment-building platform designed for use with Emotiv's EEG headsets.

It's a simple, user-friendly platform that allows you to create neuroscience experiments from scratch by building phases: calibration, instruction, and stimuli phases.

Each phase is built by including different elements — like video, audio, and text — which you can upload from your computer. You can also customize the elements in an experiment so the participant(s) can see them in different ways: including randomizations and looping.

When you've finished building an experiment, you can publish it to EmotivPRO Player (privately) for use in-house or remotely.

As a participant plays an experiment, a live EEG recording is collected, fully time-marked, and saved securely and anonymously in the EMOTIV Cloud.

This user manual will help you to get started with Builder and understand its features.

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