How do I publish an experiment?

To collect data for your experiment you need to publish it to EmotivPRO Player (private/local), so that you can share it with your subjects remotely via link or in-house.

When you’re ready to publish an experiment:

  1. Click Edit on the experiment you want to publish. The editing screen for the experiment will open.

  2. Click on Publish at the top right-hand corner of the experiment editing screen.

  3. Builder will ask you if you’re sure that you want to publish the experiment. Click on Publish.

  4. The experiment is now published.

Once you’ve published your experiment, you cannot go back and edit it again. If you need to make changes to it, you will need to duplicate the experiment, make your changes, and then publish the duplicate experiment.

The duplicate experiment cannot have the same name as the previously published experiment. To publish the duplicate experiment with the same name as before, you must delete the old version.

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