LABS Citizen Science
Experiments that are published to LABS Citizen Science become public experiments. This means that they are published to EMOTIV LABS and anyone with an EMOTIV headset and EmotivID can play the experiment.

Approval to publish an experiment to LABS Citizen Science.

When you publish an experiment to LABS Citizen Science, you'll need to provide the following information to EMOTIV so we can review and approve an experiment:
  • Ethics requirements. This must include the name of the board that has approved your research and the date range of their approval,
  • A copy of the information and consent form that participants need to sign before they do the experiment.
These documents must be uploaded as either a JPG, JPEG or PDF.
All experiments require information and consent forms to be approved. If you have obtained ethics approval for your experiment, please upload this as well.
Once the ethics requirements and copy of the consent form are submitted for approval, they will be reviewed by Emotiv.
Once an experiment is approved, you will be notified in Builder. To see notifications in Builder, click on the bell icon in the top right-hand corner of the Builder homepage.
If approval for an experiment is denied you will be notified in Builder. A reason for the decision will be provided in the notification. You can then amend the experiment, as per the feedback provided, and re-submit it for approval.
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