SD card recording mode

Before you are able to use Extender as a recording device you need a formatted microSD Card. You then need to follow the instructions shown in the following images and text.

Note: All data stored to the SD card is encrypted and the EMOTIV Cortex application and a PRO license is required to decrypt the raw data.

Note: Extender only records the raw data from EMOTIV headsets (raw EEG and motion data) in SD card recording mode. If you need access to our detections for mental commands, performance metrics or facial expressions, please use Extender in Power only or Pass-through mode.

In order to operate Extender as a recording device with a headset, please follow these steps:

  1. Insert the microSD card into Extender.

  2. Turn ON Extender by holding the push button for 2 seconds, the status LED will turn green.

  3. Connect headset to Extender using the charge cable.

  4. The headset with attempt a wireless connection before the USB and it is advisable to unplug all EMOTIV Universal USB receivers and disable BLE devices previously paired with the headset.

  5. Turn ON your headset. When Extender detects the headset the green status LED will turn orange and is ready to record data.

  6. To start a recording press the button, the status LED should now turn red.

  7. In order to stop recording, press the button again. The status LED will now turn back to orange.

A battery powered trigger input can be connected to the extender at anytime and the trigger pulses will be recorded to the files.

To access and interpret the data recorded to Extender in SD card recording mode, please refer to our Data access section.

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