Power only mode and Trigger Input

Extender is designed to be used to extend the battery life of your EMOTIV headset when communicating wirelessly. This is useful if you are using 256Hz EEG and 128Hz motion data which is power intensive. To use it in this mode please follow these steps:

  1. Turn Extender ON. The Status LED will turn green.

  2. Turn on the headset and pair it to a dongle (USB Receiver) or BLE device.

  3. Plug the headset into the headset USB port of Extender using a supplied headset charge cable. The headset will disconnect momentarily and should re-connect, if it doesn't the firmware of your headset might be out of date.

  4. The status LED will turn orange and the charge LEDs on the head should also show orange.

The trigger input cable can be connected to your stimulus device and any rising edge pulses will be translated into hardware trigger pulses. See hardware Triggering section.

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