Pass-through mode

Pass through mode allow you to use your EMOTIV headset while it is plugged in. To operate Extender as a pass-through device with your headset, please follow these instructions:

  1. The headset with attempt a wireless connection before the USB and it is advisable to unplug all EMOTIV Universal USB receivers and disable BLE devices previously paired with the headset.

  2. Plug Extender into an open USB socket. The PC connection is the smaller mini-B USB port on left edge of Extender.

  3. Turn Extender ON.

  4. Plug the headset into the other USB port of Extender using the supplied charge cable.

  5. Turn on the headset. The USB detection system of your device should register a disconnection and a new USB connection which simulates an EMOTIV USB Receiver.

  6. Start up your EMOTIV application. The application should register the presence of the Insight connected through Extender.

  7. If the connection does not work, power cycle the headset, then power cycle Extender.

Hardware triggering can be used in pass-through mode.

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