Inserting silicon skirts onto Sensors

In the EPOC Flex Saline kit, there is a ziplock bag containing 34 silicon skirts. The purpose of the skirts is to improve the comfort of the sensors on the head, and to help reduce evaporation of the saline, or leaking of the saline between sensors when topped up from the rear port. The skirts are made from medical grade silicon to ensure the do not irritate the skin.

Inserting the silicon skirts onto the Sensors is an optional step.

The skirts are designed to be fitted onto the ridge of the sensor (located on the underside of the cap) once the sensors have already been fitted into the cap. See image below for reference.

The skirt needs to be aligned to the sensor and then stretched over the sensor body until snug into the ridge, with the inner edge of the skirt fitting over this ridge to lock it in place. See image below for reference.

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