Charging and LED Indicators

The EPOC Flex has a single RGB LED to indicate power on and charging as shown in the table below.


LED Colour

Power OFF / Battery Flat


Powered On


USB connected / Charging


Charge complete


Firmware failure

Fade On - Fade Off Blue

USB connected / powered On


It is recommended that your headset is fully charged prior to taking recordings. The charge time depends on the remaining capacity in the Lithium Polymer cell and can take up to four hours. If the EPOC Flex LED does not turn blue on power on it requires charging. Please use the provided USB Micro-B cable to recharge using any usb port.

Note 1: The headset will charge faster if connected to a dedicated USB port.

Note 2: If the headset it heavily depleted or hasn’t been used for a few months, leave it connected for 24hrs.

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