Saline Sensors

EMOTIV has developed our own saline sensors compatible with EPOC Flex available to purchase on their own or as a kit. These sensors use the same felt pads as EPOC+ but with are Silver / Silver Chloride plated electrode to grip the felt on the sides. Saline sensors start to dry out after 1-2hours and to enable easy topping up there is a refill hole to allow you re-wet the sensors without needing to take the cap off. To accommodate the existing felt size the saline sensors are bigger than the gel sensors but do still fit into the holes of the same cap.

This length is designed to be long enough to reach any position on the cap. Sensor wires are colour coded, blue for left, red for right, and black for references. In addition, each sensor will be individually labeled with the channel name it is connected to the EPOC Flex. The aim of this colour coding is simple, when troubleshooting you can quickly identify the colour and channel name in the software and quickly find the sensor on the cap. For example, if contact quality is low on channel LA this corresponds with the blue channel A wire.

The sensor wires are in two lengths to help to minimise the excess but also allow for any configuration, channels A-G are 300mm and channel J-Q are 150mm. Once you have fitted all the sensors in place we recommend that you use the included tagger pins and tagger tool to tidy up the wiring (See link). Or we recommend that you place a cap over the top to stop these wires catching. If your research involves minimising motion artifacts you should keep the excess wire secured.

EMOTIV now offers pre-configured Saline caps with all 32 channels fitted as per the default layout in PRO, the wires are cut to length and tied down. This means you can very quickly set up the cap and start recording.

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