Technical Specifications



No. of Channels

32 (plus CMS/DRL references)

Channel names

Configurable on standard 72 channel international 10-20 locations.

Sampling method

Sequential sampling. Single ADC

Sampling rate

128 SPS (1024 Hz internal)

EEG Resolution

14 bits 1 LSB = 0.51μV (16 bit ADC, 2 bits instrumental noise floor discarded)

Max Slew Rate

32.64uV/sample (Compression required for BLE data transmission)


0.2 - 45Hz, high attenuation at 50Hz and 60Hz


Built in digital 5th order Sinc filter

Dynamic range (input referred)

+/- 4.12 mV

Coupling mode

AC coupled


Proprietary 2.4GHz wireless, BLE(coming soon)

Battery Capacity.

LiPo battery 595mAh

Battery life (typical)

6-9 hours

Impedance Measurement

Real-time contact quality using patented system

IMU Part

ICM-20948 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Magnetometer. Data Output 10 channels Quaternions, (Q0, Q1, Q2,Q3), Acceleration (X,Y,Z) and Magnetometer (X,Y,Z)

Motion Sampling

16 Hz

Motion Resolution

8-bit Output

Sensor Material

Sintered Ag/AgCl (EPOC Flex Gel model) can be used with any EEG gel

Electroplated Ag/AgCl (EPOC Flex Saline models) with replaceable polyester felt pads that can be sterilised and re-used (bulk pack available for separate purchase)

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