Custom Sensor Wiring

EPOC Flex removing and inserting the wires into the connector

The EPOC Flex is flexible in wire position and number of sensors. By default all 32 sensors + 2 references are already fitted into the two connectors. As shown in the image below, 16 blue sensor wires + CMS a black wire is on the left. 16 red sensor wires + DRL a black sensor wire is on the right. The connector has one empty position above the references. EMOTIV has wired up the electrodes so that the electrode name A-Q matches the pin position shown below.

You can remove un-needed sensors if your experimental montage requires this. It is recommended to use a thin flat screwdriver or tweezers to lift up the plastic tab shown below.

Lifting this tab will release the crimp locking mechanism.

Pull on the wire until the gold of the crimp starts to be shown.

The reference wire shown above is removed.

Reinserting the wire into the connector make sure the crimp lock is facing upwards when inserting and pull on the wire to ensure it is locked in place.

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