Example Sensor Placement (Montage)

Below is an example electrode placement for 32 channels with mastoid references, these can be moved to P9/P10 to be the same as EPOC+. The default configuration of EPOC Flex in EmotivPRO is as below. This placement gives good coverage of the entire head, with the pod fitted in the back pocket t Iz.

The EPOC Flex kits include 34 sensors connected to 16 red, 16 blue and 2black wires, each wire is individually labeled with the channel letter it is connected to on the controller. The wire is crimped with a JST gold plated crimp to improve signal quality before inserting into the connector housing.

Sensor wires are colour coded, blue for left, red for right, and black for references. In addition, each sensor individually labeled with the channel name it is connected to the EPOC Flex. The aim of this colour coding is to simplify troubleshooting, because you can quickly identify channel name in the software and quickly find the electrode on the cap. For example if contact quality is low on channel LA this corresponds with the blue A wire. The sensor wires are provided in two lengths to help to minimise the excess while allowing for any configuration, wires for channels A-G are 300mm and channel J-Q are 150mm.

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