EPOC+ and EPOC X configurations

You can configure your EPOC+ and EPOC X's EEG sample rate, EEG resolution, motion data sample rate, and motion data resolution through EmotivBCI.

There are no configuration settings for Emotiv’s EPOC, EPOC Flex, and Insight headsets.

To configure your EPOC+ or EPOC X:

  1. Connect your EPOC+ or EPOC X headset to your computer using the USB cable that came with it.

  2. Open the EPOC+ or EPOC X configuration settings by clicking on the headset name at the top of the EmotivBCI home screen.

  3. Select your configuration. Your headset will update as you make your selections.

  4. Unplug your EPOC+ or EPOC X device from your computer

Please note:

  • If your EPOC+ or EPOC X headset is connected to your computer via Bluetooth, then EEG can only run at 128 Hz and motion data can only run at 64 Hz.

  • If you view the configuration menu during real-time streaming, your headset settings will be shown even when your headset is not plugged in to your computer.

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