Training your first command

Once you have trained Neutral you are ready to train your first Command. Commands are thoughts that you will recreate in your mind when you want to trigger the action associated with it. Your goal is to perform thoughts that are:

  1. reproducible, so that you can create the same “brain state” as required, and

  2. separable (if your profile contains more than one Command), so that the system’s machine learning algorithms can easily recognize each action and distinguish them from each other.

For advice on training, visit our Tips and Tricks. Once you have decided on the thought you will use for this action, you are ready to begin.

To train your first Command, click on the unlocked command box and select the type of command you would like to train. Once you have selected your preferred Command, click “Train”. You will then be asked to hold a hold the Command thought in your mind for 8 seconds. During this time the cube will move according to the action you selected.

If you get distracted during any training, you can click on "Cancel" under the timer to stop the training session. No data will be added to your profile in this case.

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