Connecting EPOC Flex

EmotivBCI is now possible to work with an EPOC Flex headset but this requires a specific EEG sensor mapping same as the EPOC+ or EPOC X. You can achieve this by the following steps:

  1. Connect your EPOC Flex with your machine (via Bluetooth or dongle)

  2. Open EmotivBCI and click on the "Connect" button:

  3. A popup will appear and you can click on the "Open EMOTIV Launcher" button to open the EMOTIV Launcher

  4. Connect your EPOC Flex on the EMOTIV Launcher

  5. Create a new EEG sensor mapping with a template (EPOC X Base Configuration)

  6. Apply the new EEG sensor mapping

  7. Back to the EmotivBCI, and connect the EPOC Flex headset as usual.

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