xtr EEG16 (XTELC046GM05)

The EEG multi-electrode patch enables recordings of frontal EEG, EOG, and temporal EEG simultaneously. Press here to watch the tutorial video.

The patch has 4 segments (marked with numbers from 1-4), each segment is attached to the skin separately.

Step 1 - Attach the forehead segment

Step 2 - Attach the ear segment

Step 3 - Attach the eye segment

Step 4 - Removing the support layers

Using the dedicated wavy white tabs, remove the 3 sections of the transparent layer with one hand: toward the forehead, towards the ear and towards the eye. With your other hand, secure the attachment of the electrodes. Repeat for the other side.

NOTE: Peel the forehead part from both sides simultaneously towards the nose.

Verify that the electrodes are connected: press the patch firmly on your skin using your hands and verify all electrodes and strips are well connected.

Step 5 - Attaching the device

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