Multi-electrode patch

The multi-electrode patch enables wireless recordings of EEG and EOG signals simultaneously. The electrode patch includes the following parts:

Support Layer

Transparent layer which is located on the outer side of the patch (the side that is not facing the skin). It maintains structure rigidity to allow comfortable attachment to the skin. The layer has dedicated tabs for easy removal.

Adhesive Layer

The patch consists of biocompatible adhesive material for easy attachment to the skin.

Protective Layer

White layer which is located on the skin-facing side of the patch. Intended for protecting the adhesive material. The layer has slits for easy peeling. Next to the slits, there are stamped numbers directing the order of application.

Printed Electrode Array

Each patch has a unique channel mapping.

DAU Attachment Interface

Attaches the DAU to the patch using a strong and reliable double-sided adhesive.

Card Connector

Electronically connects the patch to the DAU.

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