What’s in the box?

Multi-electrode patch

An ultra-thin, soft, and flexible sensor conforms to the skin, allowing prolonged and stable high-quality signals. The patch is composed of carbon and silver conductive inks printed on thin elastic film. A medical-grade adhesive layer passivates its internal surface and simply attaches to the skin.

DAU (Data Acquisition Unit)

The DAU is a compact wireless device that amplifies and records the acquired electrophysiological signals and transmits them to a mobile device via a Bluetooth (BT) connection. It supports up to 16 single-ended channels. Each channel is amplified relative to the ground (GND) electrode printed on the same multi-electrode patch. The DAU is attached to the patch via a double-sided adhesive tape.

Included inside the DAU is a V30 speed class MicroSD card.

Note: If you choose to replace the MicroSD card, verify that it is formatted as FAT32 with 64kb allocation unit size.

X-trodes carry case

The carrying case includes compartments for the comfortable storage of your equipment.

USB-C charging cable

To charge the DAU, connect it to a 5V DC power supply.

This User Manual describes the X-trodes system, its components, and their uses. The X-trodes system is not a medical device and is not intended for medical use. For any additional issues, contact us at hello@emotiv.com.

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