Firmware upgrade

This section provides instructions on how to upgrade the firmware (FW) on your device. By following these instructions carefully, you can ensure optimal performance and enjoy the latest features and improvements. Please read and understand the instructions carefully before you go ahead.

Before upgrading the firmware on your device, it is essential to ensure that you have the necessary equipment. In addition to your DAU, you will need a computer with internet access, an SD card reader, the latest FW file, and a mobile phone with the X-trodes Commander app. Follow these steps carefully to upgrade your DAU’s FW:

  1. Download the latest FW files to your computer and upload them to your SD card.

  2. Return the SD card to your DAU and turn it on. The status LED should blink green.

  3. Download and install the X-trodes Commander app to an Android device. Verify that no additional Commander app is installed.

  4. Open the Commander app and pair your DAU.

  5. Click ‘UPDATE’ in the top right corner, then select ‘INSTALL UPDATE’. During the upgrade, the status LED will blink blue. When completed, it will turn solid green.

To complete the process, insert the SD card into a PC, delete the files and insert back into the DAU. To confirm the latest firmware version, check the version number displayed at the top of the device fitting screen.

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