Wearing the System

Before applying the patch to the participant’s skin, inform the participant that no pain or discomfort will be felt during the process. Ensure that the designated skin area is free of excessive hair, lesions, or open wounds and is clean (from moisturizing cream and makeup), not infected or inflamed.

NOTE 1: X-trodes patch is designated for sub-hairline measurements and optimal signal quality of hairy body areas such as beard and chest will be achieved by shaving.

NOTE 2: For a detailed description of each montage, see the relevant section.

  1. Follow the patch illustration and measure the patch’s proportion in the designated area. Make sure you understand where to locate each electrode of the patch. The exposed, round black carbon-ink dots are the conducive electrodes and should face the skin.

  2. Peel off the white protective layer from the patch using the slits and attach the patch to the skin. For patches with multiple numbered sections of the protective layer start with the section marked with number 1 - adhere the first section of the patch to the skin, then adhere the next sections in order. Secure the patch to the skin by tapping it gently.

  3. Once the patch is fully attached to the skin, peel off the transparent support layer using the tabs. The layer is divided into several sections to peel off easily. Remove each section separately. When completed, press the patch firmly on your skin using your hands and verify all electrodes and strips are well connected.

  4. Expose the double-sided adhesive on the patch, connect the card connector into its connector socket and attach the DAU to the exposed adhesive tape and make sure it is.

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