Connecting the System

Follow these steps to connect your X-trodes device to a Windows PC.

NOTE: We recommend disconnecting unnecessary BT and electrical devices in the room before starting the session.

  1. Turn on the DAU.

  2. Turn on the BT on your PC settings.

  3. Click on “Add a device”. Choose “Bluetooth: Mice, keyboards, pens, audio devices, controllers, and more”.

  4. Your device’s ID will appear on the device list. Click on it to connect.

  5. Open EmotivPRO application Click on “Connect headset” and find the list of available devices. NOTE: Make sure to connect via EmotivPRO rather than Emotiv launcher.

  6. Find your DAU on the device list and click on "Connect”.

  7. Choose montage. Click on the picture of your desired montage and then “Apply”.

  8. Wear the system. Read the instructions on the “Device Fitting” tab before wearing the device. Click “Detailed steps for applying each montage” for specific montage instructions.

  9. Proceed to the dashboard. Click “Close” at the bottom of the screen

NOTE: For further information on starting an EmotivPRO recording, please refer to to the EmotivPRO user manual.

For optimal rendering performance we advise to use a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. Downscaling the resolution on 4k, 5k displays helps to significantly improve performance. We recommend setting the screen scaling option to 100%.

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