Further saline solution

Each headset is packed with a small bottle of multipurpose contact lens solution. When you have finished this bottle, we recommend that you purchase further contact lens solution from a drugstore or pharmacy. Do not use contact lens cleaning or sterilizing solutions. Multipurpose contact lens solution contains non-allergenic anti-microbial agents that help to keep the sensors clean and prevent the transfer of microbes between users.

You can also make your own saline solution using 1tsp salt to 1L of water. This will achieve between 0.7% – 4% w-w sodium chloride; approximately the saltiness of sweat. We recommend adding a small quantity (< 4% by volume) of household disinfectant — such as 70% isopropyl alcohol. To reduce the rate of evaporation, also add a couple of drops of glycerin. Both of these products are available from a drugstore or pharmacy.

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