Connect to remote cortex

This feature is only available since 2.7.1 release.

Following steps are the guideline to use the remote tool to work with Cortex running on Raspberry Pi 4

Install Cortex on Pi

To install Cortex on Pi :

  • ssh to Pi

  • Download the file emotivapps_2.7.1.beta_armhf.deb

    • Note: The version number of the file you downloaded can be different from the manual, however, the steps should be the same, you only need to change the version number in the command line.

  • Run the following command to install

$ sudo apt-get install ./emotivapps_2.7.1.beta_armhf.deb

After installing, you can check if cortex service is running with command

$ sudo systemctl status cortex

Remote connect to Cortex running on Pi

  • ssh to Pi and change directory to /usr/local/emotivapps/bin

$ cd /usr/local/emotivapps/bin
  • Run following command to allow access from remote IP. More usage of cortexaccess tool can be found here.

# cortexaccess ip accept ip_address_of_machine_which_does_remote_to_pi
# for example:
$ ./cortexaccess ip accept
  • After allowing access, run the following command to confirm

$ ./cortexaccess ip list
  • Find the IP address of your Pi device with command ifconfig, for example Note that only IP addresses in a specific range are supported, otherwise you have to configure hosts file and use emotiv-cortex.remote DNS. See the range of supported IP addresses and how to configure hosts files.

  • Put the above IP address (or emotiv-cortex.remote if the IP address is not supported) into the text box under the Remote Connect session

  • Then click Connect

Connect headset

After Cortex is running on Pi and EMOTIVApp remotes to Pi successfully, user can connect a headset to Pi with Dongle or Bluetooth connection. Headsets will be showed up on the Devices tab.

Note with bluetooth connection, in case the headset connection is lost unexpectedly (even the headset is turned on), there may be an issue with bluetooth service, you should make sure this bluetooth service is running stable. Most of the time, you can troubleshoot by restarting bluetooth service first, then cortex service, using the following commands on Pi:

$ sudo systemctl restart bluetooth
$ sudo systemctl restart cortex

Develop a remote application

In order to connect with Cortex running on Pi and develop an application, user must change url to Pi's IP address.

For example with python example, user should have following change in file

    def __init__(self, user, debug_mode=False):
        url = "wss://ip_address_of_PI:6868"

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