How to achieve the best contact quality

Incorrect positioning of the sensors is one of the most common reasons for poor contact quality.

If you do not see green sensors on the head map in EMOTIV Pro, then the contact quality is not good enough to take recordings.

To achieve the best contact quality for your EEG recordings, we recommend the following:

  • If you have thick hair, work the sensors through your hair to create better contact with your scalp.

  • Press and hold the sensor(s) against your scalp for a few seconds to establish better contact quality.

  • Ensure that you have applied primer fluid to the sensors before use. A guide to hydrating the sensor felts can be found in the Setting up your Insight section of this user manual. Adjust the reference arm which sits behind your left ear.

  • The reference arm must make contact with the skin behind your left ear—it must sit flat and parallel on the skin and have light pressure.

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