Setting up your Insight

  1. Open the travel case and remove the Insight headset and headband.

  2. 2.Insert the headband into the headset.

  3. Remove three standard sensors from the sensor pack. Attach the sensors to the end of each headset arm.

  4. If you have thick hair, we recommend fitting the three-prong sensor to Pz—the short arm at the top of the headset. The three-prong sensor is designed to penetrate thick hair and make better contact with the scalp.

  5. We have fitted the T7 and reference sensors to the headset for you. If this is the first time setting up your Insight, remove the protective film from the T7 sensor and the reference sensors.

  6. Once you've fitted the sensors, wet each one with a small amount of primer fluid. Doing this ensures that each sensor maintains good contact quality with your skin.

  7. When you're not using Insight, remove the sensors and store them in the sensor pack. Doing this will stop the sensors from drying out.

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