Troubleshooting Guide

Whitelisting Domains for EMOTIV Applications

If you are encountering issues with EMOTIV Cortex or applications communicating with the EMOTIV Cloud, it may be due to some essential domains being blocked by your firewall, network settings, or security software. To ensure smooth operation, you will need to whitelist the following domains:

Essential Domains to Whitelist:

  1. *

  2. *





Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Firewall Settings:

    1. Open your firewall application or built-in firewall settings.

    2. Locate the section where you can add exceptions or whitelist URLs/domains.

    3. Manually input each of the domains listed above into this section.

    4. Save or apply the changes.

  2. Security Software:

    1. Launch your antivirus or security software.

    2. Navigate to the settings or configuration section.

    3. Search for an option related to whitelisting or exclusions.

    4. Add each of the listed domains as exclusions.

    5. Confirm and save your changes.

  3. Router Settings (if you suspect your router is blocking access):

    1. Access your router's admin panel. (Refer to the router's manual or online documentation for specifics).

    2. Locate the section related to security or URL filtering.

    3. Add each domain to the list of allowed domains or URLs.

    4. Save or apply the changes.


  • Always ensure that you are only whitelisting domains from trusted sources. The domains listed here are essential for EMOTIV Cortex and applications.

  • If you use additional network or security tools that might restrict access, ensure you update them to allow the domains listed above.

  • After whitelisting, restart your EMOTIV application and check if the issue is resolved.

  • If problems persist, consider reaching out to EMOTIV's support team or refer to other troubleshooting documentation provided by EMOTIV.

This guide aims to simplify the process for you. Depending on the specific software or hardware you are using, some steps might look a bit different. When in doubt, refer to the user manual or help section of your software or device.

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