Overview of API flow

There are a few steps to prepare before you can get the data streaming out from Cortex:

  1. First you have to login to the EMOTIV Launcher with your EmotivID.

  2. Make sure that you are using the correct application ID, client ID and client secret that you generated from the Account dashboard on Emotiv website in your application (see here).

  3. Call the requestAccess API from your app to Cortex, and accept via the EMOTIV Launcher.

  4. After access is granted, connect your EMOTIV brainwear headset via the USB dongle or Bluetooth.

  5. Call the controlDevice API with "refresh" command to start the headset scanning.

  6. Call the queryHeadsets API to list the available headsets.

  7. Call the controlDevice API with "connect" command to connect to the desire headset.

  8. Call the authorize API to get a Cortex token for subsequence requests.

  9. Call the createSession API to open up a new session and be ready for BCI data streaming.

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