After you opened a session with a headset, you can create a record. A record is a permanent object to store data from an EMOTIV headset. You can associate a subject to a record. You can add one or more markers to a record.

Unlike a session, a record is a permanent object. It is stored on the hard drive and then can be synchronized to the EMOTIV cloud. The opt-out configuration can let you decide if the records of a user are uploaded to the cloud or not.

Record lifetime

First, you must open a session with a headset. Then you call createRecord to start a new record. When the record is in progress, you can add markers to this record. You stop a record with updateRecord.

The record is linked to the session, so if you close the session, or if your application is disconnected from the Cortex service, then Cortex will automatically close the record.

After you stop the record you can export its data to a CSV or EDF file using exportRecord.

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