Subject object

A subject represents a human being who is the subject of a record (ie an experiment).


A subject object includes these fields:

Demographic attribute object

The field attributes is a list of attributes. A demographic attribute is an object with 2 fields:

You must call getDemographicAttributes to know what are the valid attribute names, and what are the possible values for each attribute.

For example, to tell that the subject is right handed, you can add the attribute { "name":"Handedness", "value":"Right"}


    "attributes": [
            "name": "Handedness",
            "value": "Left"
            "name": "Education",
            "value": "Master's degree"
    "city": "London",
    "countryCode": "GB",
    "countryName": "",
    "dateOfBirth": "1980-12-25",
    "experimentsCount": 3,
    "modifiedDatetime": "2019-07-01T11:23:11.644+07:00",
    "sex": "F",
    "state": "",
    "subjectName": "Alice Smith"

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