Introduction to MN8

EMOTIV is a neurotechnology company that aims to advance the understanding of the human brain with electroencephalography (EEG). Our mission is to empower individuals to understand their own brains and accelerate brain research globally.

MN8 is a 2-channel EEG earbud device that pairs with Contour —MN8’s brainwave-monitoring companion app. MN8 captures brain activity while you listen to audio and go about any activity.

MN8 Features

  • In-Ear EEG measurement with EMOTIV’s dry, non-toxic, non-allergenic conductive elastomer earbuds (provided in three sizes).

  • Bluetooth stereo audio — industry-standard CSR8670 radio, supporting EEG measurement in music streaming with A2DP and HSP for hands-free calls.

  • Internal 1-channel microphone with CVC noise cancellation.

  • Split referencing for improved background noise cancellation.

  • Adjustable ear hook with replaceable sensors for improved comfort and fit.

  • Internal motion sensor with quaternion outputs for motion tracking.

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