Connecting MN8 to a Device

MN8 measures your brain waves via integrated EEG sensors.

The conductive, gold-plated sensors are the same as those used in research-grade EEG devices. The sensors capture small fluctuations in your brain activity while you wear them.

MN8’s ear hooks have two reference sensors. The reference sensors improve the EEG signal quality, so they must contact the skin behind your ear to effectively measure the EEG signal.

Connecting the Data and Audio Streams

MN8 has two data streams: one for EEG and one for audio.

Voice prompts and LED behavior is only related to the audio connection and not the data connection.

The data streams need to be connected separately to ensure both work correctly.

  1. Connect the EEG data stream — MN8 XXXX (Data)

  2. Connect the audio stream — MN8 XXXX (Headphones)

Please note: XXXX represents the serial number of your headset.

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