Ensuring Optimal Contact Quality


Due to the sensitive nature of EEG measurements, the buds should feel very snug in your ear. If they don’t feel snug, try sizing up.

MN8 is fitted with medium earbuds. For your comfort and optimal contact quality, the following earbuds are also provided:

  • 2 small earbuds;

  • 2 large earbuds.

To learn how to change the earbuds, go to Adjusting Your MN8.

Reference Sensors

MN8’s adjustable ear hooks and sensors are designed to fit a wide range of ear sizes.

MN8 is shipped with standard sensors attached, which fit most ear sizes. The sensor pack also includes two sets of brush sensors. If you have small ears, we recommend fitting the brush sensors to your MN8. The soft brush sensors comfortably bridge the gap between the ear hook and the skin behind your ears without applying too much pressure — ensuring optimal contact quality while wearing MN8.

To learn about changing the reference sensors, go to Adjusting Your MN8.

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