Adjusting Your MN8

To ensure comfort and optimal contact quality while using MN8, you may want to adjust it.

Fitting / Changing the earbuds

MN8 is fitted with medium-sized earbuds at the time of shipping. Two additional sizes (small and large) are included in the accessories.

To change the earbuds:

  1. Pull the attached earbuds off the metal canal sensors.

  2. Once removed, you can fit the new earbuds by pushing them onto the metal canal sensor.

Due to the sensitive nature of EEG measurements, the ear buds should feel very snug in your ear. If they don’t feel snug, try sizing up.

Adjusting the ear hooks

If the ear hooks feel too tight or loose around your ears, they can be adjusted. The middle section of the ear hook (the section without the reference sensors) is flexible and can be gently squeezed or pulled to create a better fit.

Do not apply too much force, as you could break the ear hook.

Changing the reference sensors You can also change the reference sensors to improve the comfort and contact quality while wearing MN8 using the tool provided in the MN8 accessories pack.

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