Obtaining Good Contact Quality

  1. With the headset off, bend the reference band (black arm hanging off the back) in towards the centre of the headset (about 45 degrees) so that when it sits on your mastoid bone it is making full contact with the skin.

  2. Get familiar with the location of each of the sensors so you know where to focus on when the headset is on the head.

  3. Put on the Glycine/Saline Mix straight from the bottle onto each sensor. Only 1-2 drops are needed. Spread it out with your finger tip.

  4. Long Hair? Put it up in a half-pony tail (to sit loosely in a pony on top of the head) so that the part is where P7 Sensor Sits (about crown of head) and the “direction” of the hair on the side of the hair is going up so the hair is against the grain. Your goal is to expose as much skin as possible so having it “slicked back” is not going to help, particularly if your hair is thick.

  5. Put headset on, ensuring reference sensors are contacting SKIN on the mastoid bone (the bony part behind the ear)

  6. On the headset map in the app, ensure that the reference sensor is green (the one with the black circle). If it is not, add more saline solution, ensure there is no hair in the way and that both the sensors are touching skin. It does not have to be super tight.

  7. Work your way around your head to each sensor, focusing on getting scalp contact for each one.

  8. Make sure the Pz Sensor (on top of the head) sits on the crown of the head. Part the hair there to ensure contact with the scalp.

  9. Get rid of any hair sitting under the sensors by using a finger / bobby pin / pen lid / something that can fish the hair out from underneath the sensor. You should feel the sensor against the scalp. The T7 Sensor (left side, above the ear underneath the main body of the Insight...stick your finger /bobby pin/ pen lid underneath here and pull the hair out of the way. Slightly rub/scratch this part of the headset against your skin until you can really feel the contact with the scalp.

  10. SIT STILL and look at the headset map. WAIT at least 5 seconds for each sensor to “settle” before re-adjusting. If needed, readjust each sensor one at a time, sitting still and waiting for it to settle between each adjustment. Aim to get a green sensor for each one before moving onto the next.

  11. If needed, put more glycine/saline mix on the head underneath where the sensor is sitting while the headset is still on the head

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