Safety Precautions

Please note the following safety considerations:

  • CHOKING HAZARD – detachable small parts. Keep away from small children.

  • INSIGHT is a consumer product, it is not intended to use for in-patient health care or in hazardous environments.

  • INSIGHT is designed to use at room temperature

WARNING: Device is powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery that is rated for operation in <45C environments. It is not user replaceable, please contact support if you suspect a fault or have any questions.

WARNING: Do not open the enclosure. Doing so will void the warranty and can damage the headset.

  • DO NOT attach the Insight to the charger or USB connector while in use.

  • ALWAYS remove the Insight during charging and avoid touching the sensors if fitted. Although unlikely, an insulation failure in the charger or USB source may cause the Insight to become live. Insight will automatically enter sleep mode while attached to the charger, so it is not possible to extend use while charging. Insight may be operated while charging ONLY when used in conjunction with the Emotiv Extender.

WARNING: Radio emissions may interfere with appliances and medical equipment including heart pacemakers and automated medical dosimetry systems. Use with caution.

WARNING: Discontinue to use if the system becomes uncomfortable to wear or if skin irritation occurs. Users are advised not to share sets of sensors to avoid cross-infection risks.

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