Getting the headset assembled and power on.

Setting up INSIGHT is very quick and easy. The sensors are made from a semi-dry polymer. If they are not in use, they should be kept in the sensor holder in the zip lock bag. For ease of setup, we have fitted the sensors for T7 and the reference arm and covered these with a protective film. Please remove the plastic film.

Please locate the sensor pack as shown below.

  • Sensor holder has

    • 4 x Standard sensor

    • 1 x Three Prong sensor

    • 1 x T7 gummy

    • 2 x reference gummy

  • Primer fluid bottle

  • Allen key for reference and T7 covers

The sensor pack has an extra sensor, for users with thick hair, we recommend to use the three prong sensor. This is designed to have a better hair penetration and recommended to be fitted to the short arm Pz. Please keep the spare sensors within the sensor pack to ensure they do not dry out. Please fit the sensors to the headset as shown below.

Before each use, we recommend that you prime the sensors with a small amount of fluid so that they are not dry.

The headset is turned on by pressing the power switch which is located between Pz and the headband; see the image below.

When the unit is on, the white indicator light turns on, its location is shown below. The headset can now be connected to the enclosed dongle or paired to your device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and it will start to stream data.

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