Using Training Profiles

The EmotivBCI Node-RED Toolbox accesses the same Training Profiles in the cloud that are created and used in EmotivBCI. To avoid conflicting Training Profiles, there are some restrictions on profile use across multiple applications:

  1. If you open a Training Profile in EmotivBCI and would like to use that same Training Profile in a Node-RED flow, remove the “Profile” node from your flow. This will enable Node-RED to use the Profile you have already open in EmotivBCI.

  2. If you deploy a Training Profile in Node-RED and then try to use a profile in EmotivBCI, you will only be able to access that same profile in LIVE mode. To do more training in EmotivBCI, stop the flow in Node-RED.

  3. We recommend only deploying one Node-RED flow at a time.