Using Training Profiles

The Emotiv-BCI Node-RED Toolbox accesses the same Training Profiles in the cloud that are created and used in Emotiv-BCI. To avoid conflicting Training Profiles, there are some restrictions on profile use across multiple applications:

  1. If you open a Training Profile in Emotiv-BCI and would like to use that same Training Profile in a Node-RED flow, remove the “Profile” node from your flow. This will enable Node-RED to use the Profile you have already open in Emotiv-BCI.

  2. If you deploy a Training Profile in Node-RED and then try to use a profile in Emotiv-BCI, you will only be able to access that same profile in LIVE mode. To do more training in Emotiv-BCI, stop the flow in Node-RED.

  3. We recommend only deploying one Node-RED flow at a time.

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